Hi, my loves! Hope you are all doing well! Sorry, I haven’t been very active on the blog lately, these past few weeks have been crazy with traveling, working, editing… but! I really missed blogging, so I’m finally back with new posts, pictures, travel guides and much more!:)

To start things off, I thought I’ll share with you the best pieces to buy in the summer clothing sale. As you already know, I do a huge closet clean out at least twice a year, and yes… yesterday was the day. Going in your closet, organizing the pieces that you love, separating them (or giving away the once you don’t wear anymore) will give you that insight to what you might need to add into your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

Step 1: Back in the day, I was a girl who didn’t want to repeat the same outfits over and over again. I used to be a huge deal hunter (quantity over quality – sounds familiar?), but then I turned 30 and everything changed. My personal style became more casual, simple and neutral. I have made many unnecessary and very uncomfortable shopping mistakes over the years. Now, you would be probably surprised to find a very minimal amount of clothing in my closet;) I just realized I always want to wear the same basics and neutral colors, and yes, everyone has their own sense of style, but I believe that having fewer options will make your morning routine way much easier. I also started to pay more attention to details (fabric, cut, pockets, buttons etc.) Lately, I started getting into Fall fashion (which is really funny because I don’t want summer to end, well not yet;), and a massive closet clean out is my first step of putting my outfits together for the new season.

Step 2: Finding inspiration – I’ve just created a new fashion board on my Pinterest here, where you can find casual, everyday looks (easy to recreate with things I already have in my closet), but also some new inspirations.

Step 3: Creating the list of what items I wanted to invest in, and for that, I use one of my fave shopping apps – Shoptagr, which I have on my phone, but also on my computer. It’s a place, where I like to save pieces from my favorite designers, retailers, and just everything that I had been eyeing lately. If you’re interested in downloading the Shoptagr app to help you shop smarter and save some money – you can check it out here.

And finally, step number 4: Shopping! This year I try to only buy pieces from trends that are set to continue into next season. I love to play around with simple classic pieces and I absolutely adore comfy dressing and neutral colors. My goal is to build a classy wardrobe filled with quality basics and casual pieces I can combine at least within 3-4 different outfits. 

Below I’m sharing some of my fave picks (mostly basics, which are the foundation of my minimal and wearable closet), and I have to say that I’m super excited and proud of my finds, because a lot of the stuff was on sale. Most of the items are still in stock (!), so be sure to check all the links below, and definitely let me know what are some of your rules or tips for buying everyday essentials?


   Wool Dress (here) – Khaki Green Jacket (here) – Leather Mules (here) – Basic Striped Tee (here)

Basic Grey Tee (here) – Dusty Pink Block Heel Shoes (here) – Light Blue Skinny Jeans (here) – Sleeveless  Trench Coat (here)

Black Skinny Jeans (here) – Striped Sweater (here) – Loafer Mule (here) – Camisole Top (here)

Adidas Originals (here) – T-Shirt Dress (here) – Denim Jacket (here)

Lace Bra (here) – Karo Blazer (here) – Tee Bodysuit (here)

Cardigan (here) – Linen Jumpsuit (here) – Leopard Loafer (here)

Wool Sweater (here) – Navy Blue Wool Blazer (here) – Cashmere Sweater (here)

Bag (here) – Gold Jewellery (here)