My philosophy when it comes to my personal style is about having not a super tiny wardrobe and minimal amount of clothing, but I also don’t like to collect a ton of stuff. A few weeks ago, when my hubby and I moved into our new apartment, I did a major closet clean out, because I really want to focus on getting back to the basics and having all of those timeless pieces that are staples and that I can re-wear over and over again. I’m not into having a typical „capsule wardrobe”, but I’m trying my best to keep thing as simple as possible. My aim is to have a small collection of good quality clothes that would go with a few different outfits, because one thing that seriously makes life simpler is having a solid foundation for your wardrobe 🙂 Thats why I thought I will share with you some of my favourite „grab and go” items for summer,  just things I love to wear almost every single day and I feel perfectly comfortable wearing them.
Basics & Denim
So, my first tip for you guys is to find a really great basics and neutrals to keep in your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a great fitting jeans and denim shorts during the summer. My all time favourite jeans and denim shorts (and I have quite a few of them ) are Levi’s and you can buy these pretty much everywhere (Urban Outfitters – here etc.) I also love jeans from COS (here), especially vintage inspired & high-waisted ones. Actually LevisCOS and Everlane (here) are my favorite places to get my basic t-shirts as well. A good quality tee is probably the most practical summer essential, you just have to try them on to figure out which style and fit you like the most (tank top, v-neck, crew neck, short or 3/4-sleeve etc.)

Comfy, summer jumpsuits are just like the best thing ever. You can find beautiful and high-quality jumpsuits and rompers at online stores like Free People (here), Club Monaco (here) or Aritzia (here), but actually i have found a great jumpsuit at H&M – super affordable, good quality (100% cotton) with some cute ruffle detail, and you guys know that I’m obsessed with stripes and I feel like stripes is something that’s super big right now, and you can find it pretty much everywhere. If you also want to wear gingham you can find it on everything at the moment too, but I definitely prefer a minimal plaid print, so I was pretty happy when I found this jumpsuit (here) at Asos a few months ago.
Denim skirt
Another must-have for this summer is denim skirt. I have been looking for the perfect denim skirt forever and now I have finally found it in one of my favourite stores in Munich –  & Other Stories. I love this skirt so much, because it’s very simple and classy, high-waisted, without nececerry details like pearls, studs, rips and stuff like that, and it’s not to short, so this is another big plus! 😉
Maxi dress
When I was looking a perfect dress for spring and summer, I was trying to find something made with better quality materials, because I knew that I would probably wear it every day. The dress I have chosen is also from & Other Stories(here), it’s very flowy, lightweight, chic and definitely one of my favourite at the moment (even though i’m not a huge fan of bright colours 😉 You can also find a lot of beautiful dresses (boho-inspired, „off-shoulder” and „open back” style dresses are all the rage at the moment!) at online stores like: Faithfull (here), Reformation (here) or Revolve (here).

I can’t imagine my summer closet without oversize cotton or linen collared shirt (white and striped), silk cami-top, basic black maxi dress (here), lightweight white blazer and off course – comfy shoes! The first pair that I think you should own are just a good pair of white, classic sneakers (VansAdidas or Converse). I’m also a huge fan of “old skool” Vans (here), they just go with everything and I’m wearing them almost everyday since i got them. If you like staying on trend, try to invest in a good pair of mule shoes and comfy espadrilles –  these have been popping everywhere and they sell these in so many different places (Manebi (here), & Other Stories (here), Nordstrom (here), J.Crew (here) etc.)  I just feel like in the summer it’s something you should have, especially if you’re looking something casual and comfortable at the same time.

Once you have those basics and once you have those neutral pieces in your wardrobe it’s really fun to start adding some trendy items, prints, accesories and even some pop of colour, but ALWAYS try to invest in a good quality product because this is something that’s gonna last you more than one season. Don’t get me wrong – when I say buy better quality i don’t mean for you to go on buy expensive designer clothes. I still love going on stores like ZaraMango or H&M, where you can find some cool pieces that not cost a fortune, especially if you don’t won’t to spent money on some trends, you think they will be popular only a couple of months. Just try thinking about shopping for clothing the way you shop for your food and try to buy clothes made from natural materials and fabrics like cotton, linen, silk or viscose. Also don’t forget that taking care of your clothes will make you look better, help them last longer, and save you a ton of money 😉
So that’s really it guys! These are the tips and tricks I personally use when I shop for clothes, this is what keeps my wardrobe very functional, simple and practical at the same time 🙂 Hopefully this inspired you to bring some of those basics into your wardrobe as well 😉 Have a great day my loves!

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